Processing Times

Canadian Processing Times

Processing Times

Canadian Immigration Processing Times

In Canadian immigration, the processing time is how long it takes authorities with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to process your application, from the day they receive it to the day they come to a decision.

Please note that processing times do not include the time it may take to submit an expression of interest and receive an Invitation to Apply, to prepare documents, to submit an application, or for the mailing of finalized visas, permits, status cards, etc.

What Affects my Processing Time?

There are a few factors that will affect the processing time of your application and how long it takes to immigrate or come to Canada:

  1. Country of residence: Some IRCC processing times vary depending on a person’s country of residence. Before Dec 2015, processing times for different services would be displayed according to the visa office. This was because applications for both permanent and temporary residence, visas, and permits, were processed by the nearest visa office. Today applications are moved around the global network of visa offices to make processing as efficient as possible, so your application may not necessarily be processed at the visa office closest to you, but rather at the office best designed to process your application efficiently.
  2. Type of application: Processing times for different types of visas and permits also differ. The type of application, as well as the number of candidates currently being processed in that category, can both affect the processing time. If a program receives more applications than expected, then it may take longer to process.
  3. Completeness: If an application is incomplete, IRCC may either refuse the applicant altogether, or they may request more information which can cause significant delays to processing.

Temporary Residence (visiting, studying, working)

  • Visitor Visa (from outside Canada): If you apply from outside Canada, depend on where you are making the application from are processed about 155 days.
  • Visitor Visa (from inside Canada): online are processed within 16 days and paper-based applications are processed within 42 days.
  • Visitor extension (Visitor record): online are processed within 203 days and paper-based applications are processed within 182 days.
  • Super visa (parents and grandparents): depend on where you are making the application from are processed about 153 days.
  • Study permit outside Canada: 13 weeks
  • Study permit (from inside Canada): 4 weeks
  • Study permit extension: online are processed within 83 days and paper-based applications are processed within 76 days.
  • Work permit (from outside Canada): depend on where you are making the application from are processed about 23 weeks.
  • Work permit from inside Canada (initial and extension): online are processed within 169 days and paper-based applications are processed within 86 days.
  • International Experience Canada, Last season: 44 weeks
  • International Experience Canada, Current season: 7 weeks
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): 5 minutes

Economic Immigration

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot: 15 months
  • Canadian experience class (Online via Express Entry): 17 months
  • Provincial nominees (Online via Express Entry): 15 months
  • Self-employed persons (federal): 41 months
  • Quebec business class: 65 months
  • Skilled workers (federal) Online via Express Entry: 26 months
  • Skilled trades (federal) Online via Express Entry: 47 months
  • Skilled workers (Quebec): 24 months
  • Start-up visa: 32 months

Family sponsorship

  • Spouse or common-law partner living inside Canada: 14 months
  • Spouse or common-law partner living outside Canada: 22 months

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