Canada vs. UK

Canada Study permit Vs. UK Student Visa

Canada vs. UK

Canada Study permit Vs. UK Student Visa

Canada Student Visa vs. UK student Visa – If I were you, I would apply for …

Every student, including you, deserve a quality education. Both Canada and the UK offer such outstanding study experience. The big question is, what are the factors that make their student visa distinct from the other?

Is it the application processing time, the duration for each permit, cost & requirements, or what you stand to gain when you secure a student visa in these countries?

Based on several years of experience as a visa consultant we have successfully taken proactive steps to compare these two country’s corresponding study Visas;

Visa Requirements: The UK student visa has its categories, there is the short-term study visa for a study of fewer than six months, and general tier-4 long-term visa. To apply for the tier-4 UK visa, you generally need a CAS reference number, have an admission offer for a specified degree, obtain a reference letter from a Tier-4 sponsor, and provide a bank statement to prove your financial capacity.

However, if you want to apply for a Canada student visa from UAE, you generally need to secure an admission from a DLI recognized institution. Besides, you have to be financially buoyant to handle the cost of living and school fees. Obtain police clearance, a medical report, and the crucial factor is that you need to convince the immigration officer in your application that you would exit Canada at the end of your study.

Although UK student visa is more expensive, Canada study permit can be tricky, particularly when you have invested a lot and at the end, the immigration officer rejects your application based on the fact that you could not convince them that you will exit at the end of your study. It is safe to say that UK student visa wins here.

Duration of Visa application processing: Where you are applying from is a significant factor that determines how fast the application will get processed. The UK Immigration portal would generally advise that you start your process three months before your date of arrival. For Canada, it can take up to six months to get your study permit, which makes it slower when compared to the UK Student visa.

While applying to the UK, if you want your Visa application processed faster, you might decide to pay to expedite the process. In terms of faster processing time, the UK has my vote.

Cost of Visa: The fee for the UK student Visa is into three categories; Visa fee, Health Surcharge, extra processing fee (If you choose to pay this), totaling to over 600 EUR. On the other hand, the Canadian student Visa would only cost you $160 to apply, and it includes; Visa fee, Biometrics collection fee, service fee (specific to some countries).

Alright, considering the cost of either country’s student visa application, Canada is the best option for you here, especially if you are not financially capable to bear high cost of application.

Career opportunities after study: here, we will give it to Considering the recent increase in the requirement for skilled immigrants in Canada, the country has become a very good destination to go for study because there is a high chance that you would secure a good job. The UK also has its opportunities, but it cannot be compared to Canada when it comes to demand for skilled personnel.

Aside from that, for individuals who partake in a postgraduate program in Canada, the country offers you an additional 2 or 3 years to work after your study. This is not the case of the UK as you are required to either exit the country or secure a working visa before you can stay further after your study.

The validity of the Visa: Canada wins in this case. The student Visa approved for your study will be valid throughout your program with an additional three months to exit the country. For the UK, you have just an extra one month after you study to prepare yourself towards exit. Although this varies depending on the level of study program you intend to apply in each country.

These are some of the factors that you should consider when you want to choose between these two countries to study. Moreover, you need to also consider other factors such as the language barriers, and the weather condition for each country to determine how well you can adapt to these environments.

To further bolster your decision making, you can compare and contrast the various schools in both countries and know the best one for you. Good luck with your studies.

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