Apply for UK Permanent Residency

Four Ways to Apply for UK Permanent Residency

Apply for UK Permanent Residency

Four Fantastic Ways to Apply for UK Permanent Residency

When you move to the UK for studying, a job, or business, it is easier to become a permanent resident of the nation. And, becoming a PR means you get access to all the basic and attractive long-term benefits of the UK without spending much from your pocket, as education, healthcare, and other social security can be expensive for an immigrant. PR status is called Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK.

You can stay as long as you want with a PR and move in and out. After a year of PR, you can even apply for a British passport. The amount of flexibility you get by becoming a permanent resident is limitless, like living in the UK and going to your home country at the same time for staying.

Here are four fantastic ways by which you can become a PR in the UK:

  1. For those who come via the student visa pathway and want to come and study in the UK, you can take the long-term residency route or an LR route, wherein when you stay in the UK for a continuous ten years based on any visa, it helps you gain PR in the UK. Students should look for a job relating to their field of study or interest. Students with sponsorship jobs can even easily apply for PR.
  2. For Professionals, who come via Tier 2 route when you take a job on the work permit, the day you get your work permit is from when your five years duration starts, after which you can directly apply for UK PR.
  3. If you are married and have come to the UK on either an ICT, Work permit, or a student visa, you become the principal applicant; your spouse or partner gets the dependent visa. If your child is born in the UK, they get a dependent visa and no British citizenship. But as a rule, if your child has been stateless for seven years, you can apply for British citizenship for your child.
  4. Based on someone living in the UK for 14 years, they can apply for ILR or Indefinite Leave to Remain or permanent residency.

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