Best Canada Immigration Program

What is the Best Canada Immigration Program for you?

Best Canada Immigration Program

What is the Best Canada Immigration Program for you?

Your ability to migrate to Canada depends on a whole lot of factors. There is no such best Canada immigration program like most people think.

Yet, you will discover some vital information that most blogs will not tell you.

Currently, about 80 immigration programs are available for both Canadian residents and foreigners. Yes, it went that high due to the recent cooperation between the Federal and Regional governments.

As a result, the government announced a multi-year immigration level plan. This will set a stage to invite more individuals to come and work, school, or do business in Canada.

In essence, your path will depend on your goals, current financial state, and career features. Thus, a program that might be suitable for Mr. A may not work out for you.

To make this clearer, we will consider some sample case questions below.

1: Are you a skilled worker or working in a particular professional?

Well, if the answer is yes, then you might as well try some programs. Most of them issue a permanent resident visa to selected candidates.

For example, you can migrate through the Federal Express Entry, Quebec skilled worker programs, Federal self-employed programs, and even provincial nominee programs (PNP).

Aside from that, the family visa stream is also another good option. Why? Because it is an opportunity for citizens or permanent residents to sponsor individuals to Canada.

2: Do you have a College Degree, Diploma, or other higher post-secondary education?

In this case, look out for any of the skilled worker programs. Also, PNP is available. Although PNPs are province-specific, it can be an excellent option.

Canada appreciates education; so, they rewards applicants with some points based on the level of education.

3: Do you have an employment offer in Canada?

Depending on the type of job offer, it can qualify you for some immigration programs. This will include the temporary work visa, Federal Express Entry, among others.

We would be more than happy to assist you in assessing the employment offer.

After that, we will advise you on a suitable program to choose from, which will depend on the type of employment offer.

4: Have you worked or schooled in Canada before?

In this case, the Canadian Experience or Quebec Experience Class programs may be a good option.

These are programs that mostly favor individuals who have previously schooled or worked in Canada.

5: Do you own a business, or have you managed one before?

There are several options available for you here. They include provincial nomination programs, business investor visa, and entrepreneur streams.

You can inform us about this because our lawyers will guide you on the most appropriate path.

The same will apply to the type of business that you would want to run in Canada.

6: Do you have a close relative in Canada?

The family class program can be a perfect option here.

If you have a friend that lives in Canada, then you can also apply for some of the PNPs.

These PNPs give you extra points for having a connection in the province.

7: What if you had a huge capital, and you’re thinking of investing this money in a profitable venture?

Of course, there are immigration programs available for investors. It is mostly under the Canada business immigration initiative.

The government wants you to utilize your resources or knowledge to advance the economy further. These business immigration opportunities are also available in most provinces.

Interestingly, most of these programs issue a permanent resident visa to successful investors.

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