Canada Vs. Australia

Applying for permanent residency in Canada is relatively easier and has a faster visa processing time than Australia

Canada Vs. Australia

Canada Vs. Australia

Which country is a better living place? Canada or Australia? Can we say any of them is better than the other?

- NO. We never can say one is better than the other overall. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages in different aspects.

Canada and Australia both are countries that offer high quality of living, education systems, and job opportunities; but what are the differences between them in different matters? We are going to mention and explain them below.

Cost of Living

Australia is ranked as the 16th most expensive cost of living in the world. Housing, rental and regular living expenses are lower and more affordable in Canada when compared to Australia, and need to say that in both countries, it varies from city to city, from region to region, location to location. 

Healthcare System

People in Canada have access to free basic healthcare which is delivered through Medicare. On the other hand, in Australia, people only will have access to Medicare once they become permanent residents. Healthcare costs are lower in Canada in contrast to Australia generally.                    


Tax is a higher percentage of GDP in Canada, so people pay more taxes there than in Australia. People in Australia only pay federal-level taxes while people in Canada also pay income and sales taxes.


Multiculturalism exists in Australia but to be fair, it is working better in Canada. People who have lived in both countries unbiasedly and objectively concluded that people in Canada are more welcoming and respectful to different cultures and races and have a friendly nature. This is also true about Australians but you can find arrogant people being biased on race.

Jobs and Working

In this case, we can consider the working hours which matter a lot.

The standard work hours for federal employees in Australia is 6-7 hours per day (38 hours a week) while It’s 8 hours per day (40 hours a week) for people in Australia.

In conclusion, work-life balance is better for employees in Australia.

Education System

Well, the education system is pretty similar in both countries and their schools especially primary and secondary have similar structures. The tuition fees for international students are very similar in Canada and Australia. The quality of education in Australia is lower than it is in Canada overall. Children of immigrants till the age of 16/18 can go to free public schools in Canada. In Australia, permanent residents and citizens can go to government schools mostly for free.1 We can’t say which one has more expensive fees for education because the variation is more dependent on the dollar exchange rate than anything else.

Permanent Residency (PR)

Getting PR for both countries depends on eligibility and how the requirements are fulfilled; it is based on the matters which can affect the immigrant’s chance of future success in the country. Those matters can be work experience, references, and relations in the country.

But overall, applying for Canadian PR is easier than Australian.

PR Requirements

The eligibility criteria for Canada and Australia PR are based on the immigration program you are willing to apply to. But the basic mandatory eligibility criteria of both countries' PR are given below.


  • Age: 18-46
  • Language proficiency: whether English or French (minimum CLB level 7)
  • Education: minimum high school diploma
  • Work experience: minimum 1 year
  • Arranged Development
  • Adaptability and Proof of funds
  • Medical Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • At least 67 points


  • Age: below 45
  • Language proficiency: English (minimum IELTS 7, TOFRL 25, PTE 65)
  • Medical Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • If you are opting for Skilled migrant visas, your job occupation must be enlisted in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) Australia.
  • A minimum of 65 points is to submit an EOI


The process of applying for a Permanent Residency in Canada is easier, faster, and less expensive as compared to Australia. the higher pay scale in Australia.

But despite all the differences, the decision all depends on which country is suitable for the type of lifestyles, personal interests, experiences, and priorities of the immigrant.





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